Rohinton Mistry, A Fine Balance




Shoda Koho, 1871 - 1946

  1. Canal Under the Moonlight
  2. Ohashi Bridge at Atako
  3. Stars Over Lake Biwa
  4. Moonlit Sea

Sources: A Quintessence of DustPolar Bear’s Tale


W. N. P. Barbellion, The Journal of a Disappointed Man



Radiohead - Creep


DESIGN: ‘Reactive Dynamism’ by Anna Petrou

It’s always a good day when you come across fairly unknown but truly remarkable and brilliant design work in the juggernaut land of Tumblr! Anna Petrou's semester design project titled 'Reactive Dynamism' is on our radar today.

She’s built dynamic “second skin” which articulates a wearer’s need for personal space by responding to and exaggerating his body language. The piece changes position depending on the movement the wearer makes with each arm.

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Fora das amarras (by Ediago Quincó)

One of the most insightful things I’ve ever read about eating disorders and body esteem in general was a comment on my blog a while ago that I regret being unable to find now. The writer was saying that most people think girls want to be skinny because of Hollywood and Vogue. This girl wanted to be skinny because she wanted to be a protagonist. She didn’t expose herself to mainstream fashion magazines or TV; she was interested in art films and books and indie music. But no matter how alternative the movie, the protagonist was almost always skinny. And wanting to be a protagonist means wanting to be someone, as most people do. Apparently, your story is only worth hearing, you’re only someone, if you’re skinny—it’s like, the blueprint of a human. Once that’s down, you’re allowed to be as interesting and protagonist-y as you want! Apparently. No matter how much people our age have been raised on girl power and believe in yourself and you are beautiful, ignoring the beauty standards of the culture we live in is close to impossible. And as this lady pointed out, these standards and expectations exist outside mainstream culture like reality TV and tabloids; they exist in punk and indie cultures, in “artsy” Tumblr cultures that are all about looking like a fairy, but only if you’re a skinny white girl.


A man feeding swans and ducks from a snowy river bank in Krakow

by Friedrich Nietzsche (via quotestuff)
Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?